Revolutionizing Workplace with IoT Printer

Recently AT&T announced the launch of 5G services in limited areas. What does it mean to the user of the Network Printer? Well it’s all about speed, connected application, and technology like IoT.

For instance – If your warehouse is liable to monitor temperature fluctuation, which can be directly reported through IoT app to the engineering department’s IoT printer along with technical specs mentioning the reasons for fluctuation. Then the engineering department can take prompt action based on information provided through the alert printout.

One could understand the connected application triggers alert to the engineering department’s  MIS system but, the alert printout is something out of the box.

There will be certain middleware offered for this connectivity perhaps, it is recommended that one should set up their printer within their application using DIY (Do It Yourself) rather than getting third-party app/middleware which would create another mountain of maintenance and security concern to the enterprise solution.

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