Printing Supplies are expensive than the printer. Give it a thought!

Once we are settle with the printer, we actually get into an agreement with the companies that we will be buying whole lot of their supplies at most expensive cost and we promise not to buy refill or counterfeit product.

So, how much actually we spend monthly and how we can save these expenditure.

  1. Paper: One of the major expense having a printer for home/office is paper, we are still somehow dependent on the paper. The first thing we should do in 2019 is finding out ways to eradicate the usage of paper. For example, all invoice should go through cloud accounting software, all email can be stored in the cloud as a backup, internal notification can be replaced with workflow application. This way, you may reduce the usage of pages by 70%. Another day, I was delivering a lecture on Digital Leadership and I was shocked to know that senior management doesn’t have any clue that MS Office / Google Suite comes at $5 per user along with up to 1TB of storage. So, its time to embrace technology to its full scale.
  2. Cartridge: Generally, we think our office is using lots of cartridges since we have a great deal of work. 50% of the cartridge is wastage due to misalignment of printing and 25% of the cartridge is spent on personal jobs (employee printing their CVs and other stuff). If these leakages are taken care of, your cartridge spending will be reduced by 70%
  3. Maintenance: Maintenance comes like a Tsunami, just one small problem which turns up to a nightmare. To avoid maintenance and keep the business going, one of the recommendation, I would suggest here is to : Keep the printer covered when its not used, keep the inside and outside of the printer clean at all the time, ensure not to put printer with clips, stamps, wet object etc in the printer – which will damage the printer and the cartridge. Most importantly change the printer every year and sell your current printer on eBay or craigslist.

Its time to be smarter and ecofriendly.

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