Laser Vs Inkjet Printer: Which one is better

The buying of the printer totally depends upon your workflow. The main issue a user’s face while buying a printer is which one to buy – laser or inkjet printer. An inkjet printer uses liquid ink sprayed through Inkjet printers use liquid ink sprayed through microscopic nozzles onto the paper, and laser printers use a toner cartridge (filled with fine powder) and a heated fuser. 

Both of these laser and inkjet printers have their own advantages and disadvantages of usage depending on your work requirement.

Price: Laser vs Inkjet Printer  

You can get a basic laser or inkjet printer nearly at the same price. You might see a minor difference in pricing if you are searching for a multi-function all-in-one printer that has an ability to print, copy and scan at the same time. The major difference you can find in both the technologies is that an inkjet printer can print color documents whereas, laser printers can only print the black and white color documents.

Generally, inkjet printers are priced around $60 and onwards and the laser printers are priced around $120 onwards, the prices depend upon the functions of the printer. Although the prices of the inkjet printers are a bit lower than laser printers, they usually come with half an ink tank and the user needs to fill it again bearing the expense.

On-going Expense of Laser vs Inkjet Printer

If you are thinking to buy a printer whether inkjet or a laser printer, don’t forget about the extra on-going expense. This includes the cost of refilling the ink or cartridges of the printer. Depending on your usage, inkjet printers usually cost around 20 cents per page and the cost of a laser printer is 7 – 8 cents per page. This is because of the laser printer prints black and white documents only. 

Printing Speed and the Quality of the Print

The speed of the laser printer is more than that of an inkjet printer, and it is inevitable. If you even purchase a low-end laser printer, still it will print pages at a high speed of 20 pages per minute. A budget inkjet printer would hardly print around 7-colored pages per minute. 

Comparing the quality of both the printer, whether an inkjet or a laser printer they both normally print a good quality document considering document is a text document with a font size of 12.

It is not like laser printers do not print colored documents. There are color laser printers that print colored documents. Comparing it with inkjet printers, a color laser printer is quite expensive and bulky and can not easily be used at home or small office.

Colour printing and its Quality

If your requirement is of color documents than it is recommended to use inkjet printers for a better quality of the documents


Size is an important consideration for some users. If you’re looking for something to fit into a small space on or underneath your desk, it’s hard to go past an inkjet printer. However, if you don’t need scanning or copying a single-function laser printer may be small enough to suit your needs.

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