BOP Recommended Printer for 2019

BOP Recommended Printer for 2019

There are so many printers available in the market that one get confused while buying them. Here are few questions that will clear your buying quest for a printer

  1. How many pages do you wish to print in a day?
  2. How fast you wish to print?
  3. Do you want a scanner?
  4. Do you want duplex printing (both side printing)?
  5. Do you want duplex scanning (both side scanning)?
  6. Do you want WiFi option to print without cable?
  7. Do you want to have the option to send the scan document to the email?
  8. Do you want a heavy duty printer for office or home?
  9. Do you want a LaserJet or Deskjet printer?
  10. What brand do you prefer? HP, Canon, Brother, others?
  11. How often will you refill? This will help to identify the economy of the printer?
  12. Do you want 1 year or 3 years warranty?
  13. What is your budget like?

Once you have decided all this requirement, you may then opt to buy a right printer for yourself.

Happy Shopping…

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