Best Photo Printer You Should Buy in 2020

Why not capture your best images printing from the best photo printers.

Let’s have a look around the 5 best photo printers including Canon, Epson, Brothers, etc.

Canon PIXMA iP8720

Canon PIXMA iP8720

Canon PIXMA is a quick printer with the excellent printing quality. It weighs around 8437g and prints at a top speed of 14.5 prints per minute. With a sleek design, it has a high function features. It has been designed in matt black color which is light and portable for any office or home purpose. 

Moreover, due to its small design, it takes little space. The printer uses a 6-color ink cartridge system that prints high-quality images. The only extra expense that you need to bear is the ink cartridge cost. The printing speed is high even if you change the paper layout, from A4 to A3. The Canon PIXMA has a tray capacity of 150 sheets. The printer also supports cloud printing services including Google Cloud Print and also Apple AirPrint.

Epson Expression Photo Printer XP-960

Epson Expression Photo XP-960

Epson Expression photo printer has a superior printing quality and an amazing design. This is another best photo printer that you can purchase in 2020. This printer has a weight of 9752g. This printer has a high speed of 8.5 prints per minute. 

Epson is one of the best manufacturers that creates top-range printers for decades. Though it has high printing quality, it loses its point when comes to speed. 

Photos retain excellent color grading and beautiful skin tones thanks to the use of dye, 6-color ink cartridge. One of the features of Epson is that it has the ability to intake a dual tray. The printer has excellent connectivity and has connectivity features like USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. Also, SD cards from the DSLR camera can be connected directly with the printers and retrieve the images. Moreover, it has the additional functionality of scanning, and also photocopier

HP Envy Photo Printer 78557

HP Envy Photo 78557

One of the best photo printers of 2020, HP Envy Photo 7855 is an affordable option for many users. This photo printer is faster than Epson Expression. This printer is capable of fast print speeds. The printer prints at a speed of 15 pages per minute.

The printer has a built-in card reader. This feature is helpful for many DSLR camera users. Having wireless connectivity this printer can easily connect to smartphones or cameras.

This HP photo printer has a unique design. The smooth edges and curves make it elegant looking printer. Purchasing this printer from HP, customers can get a 4-month free ink service from HP.

Canon PIXMA Pro-100S

Canon PIXMA Pro-100S

Another one of the best professional photo printer having an 8-ink dye system which is able to give high-quality prints. The printer weighs around 19595g with a high print speed of 15 pages per minute.

Canon Pixma is a high-quality and top ranging best photo printer for photographers and studio workers. 

The printer is capable of printing the best images without any errors. Although this printer has an 8-ink cartridge, the running cost is not so expensive compared to other photo printers. The printer prints at a resolution of 4800×2400 dpi. Furthermore, it has several connectivity options including USB and Ethernet connections.

Kodak Mini – Smallest Photo Printer

photo printer 2020

Kodak Mini

Have you ever wondered if you could carry a printer in your pocket? Kodak Mini is a portable printer weighing 317g only. Due to its compact size, this printer can print images at a top speed of 1-page per minute. This printer is the first portable printer that can easily be carried in your pocket.

This is the best photo printer that allows you to print your photos and save it during your travel time. 

Since because of its compact size, it easily accessible and also the plus point of this printer is that it can connect to WiFi connectivity and users can directly print. The printer can get connected to a DSLR camera or even a smartphone.

This printer is not for printing large photos. You can print photos of dimension 3.4 inches to 2.1 inches. You can print the photos and hang them on your walls or carry them in your wallets. This stylish and sleek photo printer is affordable in 5 different colors.

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