Best Office Printer you should buy in 2020

The office printer can be found everywhere, whether you are a small company or a large organization. When making the list of office equipment, printers are always on the top of the list to print legal documents. Even in this digital and electronic world, printers are still considered very important. Now, which office printer to buy depends upon your workflow. Large offices usually need fast and heavy printers that could print more and more pages in a minute. Large office printers usually have all-in-one features. Besides printing, these printers are also capable of scanning, photocopying, and faxing of the documents which are the general requirements of all the large businesses. 

Want to buy one for your office? Let’s have a look at some of the wide range of best types of office printers, ranging from a laser printer to inkjet printers to all-in-one printers, that you can buy in 2020 to support your business operations. 

Brother MFC-L8900CDW Business Color Laser Printer

Brother MFC-L8900CDW office printer

Brother MFC-L8900CDW

Brother MFC-L8900CDW is one of the best office printers which is mostly used in many offices. This reliable printer is cost-effective and is efficient to use. It has long-lasting cartridges so you do not have to replace it again and again and can easily focus on work. The printer has the ability to print approximately 33 pages per minute without compromising the quality. The best thing about this office printer is that your co-worker can scan the documents simultaneously without disturbing your work.

As it is used for business purposes, it has a large paper tray capacity of 250 pages. You can adjust the paper layouts to print the documents. The printer has a large five-inch touch display which makes navigating a very simple process. The touch display makes it easy to scan and copy the documents easily from the business cloud services including, Google Drive, Evernote, etc.

No need to worry about security. Brother MFC-L8900CDW comes with security features as well. The administrator can now restrict and limit to certain workers.

Black and White Brother Monochrome Multifunction Office Printer

Brother Monochrome Printer office printer

Brother Monochrome Printer

Laser printers are usually best known for their ability to print faster than inkjet printers. If you want fast printing features than this monochrome printer is best for your office work. It is a multifunction monochrome printer that prints black and white documents only. Its functions are not limited to printing only. 

Users can also scan the monochrome documents when needed. Due to fast speed, quality usually gets compromised. This office printer prints the documents at a high speed of 42 pages per minute. 

The duplex auto document feeder speeds up a big copy and print jobs and a legal-sized document glass ensures that you can handle any type of business document. You can scan directly to email using cloud services to maximize efficiency.

Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Professional Inkjet Color Office Printer

Canon PIXMA Pro-100 office printer

Canon PIXMA Pro-100

Another best office printer for professional studio and graphic work, have an 8-ink dye system that is able to give high-quality prints. The printer weighs around 19595g with a high print speed of 15 pages per minute.

Canon Pixma is a high-quality and top ranging best photo printer for photographers and studio workers. 

This office printer is capable of printing the best images without any errors. Although this printer has an 8-ink cartridge, the running cost is not so expensive compared to other photo printers. The printer prints at a resolution of 4800×2400 dpi. Furthermore, it has several connectivity options including USB and Ethernet connections.

Multifunction Printer: Xerox VersaLink C405/DN Color Laser Office Printer

Xerox VersaLink C405/DN  office printer

Xerox VersaLink C405/DN

Large organizations have large budgets that they spend to maximize the efficiency of the workflow. If you are willing to spend a little more than Xerox VersaLink color laser printer is for you. This office printer has some extra features and increased connectivity.  This printer is part of Xerox’s array of VersaLink devices, which come fully-loaded with features meant to increase workplace productivity, like the Xerox Easy Translator Service app, which quickly translates scanned documents into other languages.

The printer comes with a five-inch display for menu navigation to access scanning, printing, photocopying functions easier. The printer has the ability to print 36 pages per minute without sacrificing quality.

Canon TS9120: Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and Copier

Canon TS9120 office printer

Canon TS9120

A complete package for your office work. This office printer comes with a six-ink system for the printing of color documents. The all-in-one Canon printer has the ability to print, scan, and photocopy the documents. The printer has a 5-inch touch display menu to navigate through all the features and makes it easy to perform the relevant task. Although it is a budget printer for office work, it can perform all the functions without any quality compromise. You can print black and white to color all kinds of graphics. Connectivity is the major concern for all the printing devices in an office environment. No need to worry about Canon TS9120. This office printer as several connectivity options to print your documents without any hesitation. You can connect the printer using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cloud services features.

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