3 reasons to buy Black and White Printer

Everyone loves to see the content in color as it gives a detail representation of concepts in different colors.  Well that is true. But have you thought about how much it cost to buy and maintain a color printer as compared to black and white?, Well this article is all about why you shouldn’t opt for a color printer.

  1. Cost
    First of all, have you noticed the price? You can get a Black and White Laser Printer at the price of color Deskjet. Laser Printer is crispier than the Deskjet output. So, why to opt for technology which doesn’t give you sharper images and text. Moreover, if you wish to have some professional document print out, no way you can make it.
  2. Maintenance
    Color inks are far more expensive to maintain. You may print 1000+ prints in Black&White Laser as compare to few hundred in Color DeskJet. In addition, Black & White PPM (page per minute) is far much higher than color. Thinking of ink cartridge for color Laser then you got to set up a big business to afford the color cartridge for color Laser Printer.
  3. AddOn
    When you opt for color Deskjet or Laser the retailer will always attract you with duplex printing, wifi, and email option and more which will further increase the price and leave a bigger hole in your pocket.

So ideally it is recommended to buy $250 Black & White LaserJet as compare to color Deskjet or LaserJet costing $400+ and maintenance rocking in the sky.

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